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Mick (top left) and I are the two seventies-looking dudes with the moustaches.

Bill at the Soundcraft Europa console

This was a nine-year live-sound gig.

Bill at the Neve console

Hanging out at a friend's studio. The Neve console was great for looks but rarely used.

Recorded Samples

  • "Have a Cigar"  A great cover of the classic Pink Floyd song as performed live by "Dirty Martini." This band consists of extraordinary guitarist Brett Garsed (considered by many to be Australia's premier guitarist), Ric Fierabracci (an amazing bass virtuoso who has played with many jazz greats and tours with Sir Tom Jones), and Joel Taylor, super-drummer who also has impressive credits). Although this is not their regular genre, it was a fun addition to their set at Alva's in San Pedro, CA . Recording and mix (as always) by Bill Forbes. Crank it up!
  • "Whiter Shade of Pale"  A cover of the great Procol Harum song performed by the John Brown Band. I recorded them live at The Long Beach Hilton. 
  • JAZZ/FUSION. A great instrumental version of "Miss You" by “Dirty Martini” (same great players as above, recorded live the same night at Alva's in San Pedro).
  • "The In Crowd". Another John Brown band cover of a vintage tune.. It's such an old song that I can't remember who originally did it.
  • "Cornucopia" (shortened clip) of an original reggae tune by Scott Turchin. I recorded his band live at their CD release party at The Old Towne Pub in Pasadena. Click here to hear a sample of it (you might be able to compare it to his studio version if it's still playable on his site)-click on the Scott Turchin link.
  • Jared Mees Listen to songs from the first and 2nd CDs by this amazing artist. Check out "Panama Anthem" (it's about his 4 month stay in a primitive shack in Panama), and "Cockleburrs and Hay, " both on his first CD, "If you wanna swim with the sharks you gotta concentrate." on the Tender Loving Empire label. I mixed and mastered his self-produced album in the tiny old 10' x 10' Forbesound mix room, after we tracked the whole thing in there, drums and all. (I even played my big old drums on these two cuts, too). It would have been cool to record the tracks live, but at the time, Jared had to play most of the instruments, since his new band was not yet formed. Be sure to listen to "Bees" and "Tallest Building in Hell" from his new CD entitled "Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money." This was recorded at a studio in Portland, but I mixed and mastered it in my old room in Los Angeles. Check it all out at Jared Mees, read the great reviews, and buy the CD or downloads. These are available at Tender Loving Empire
  • Song by Alternate Sound of Life_Key Club Hollywood  An interesting clip of Alternate Sound of Life playing live at The Key Club in Hollywood. I was there to record the heavier band Opus Dai on the same night, but the opening act gave a last minute OK to record. Some of their stuff was not even mic'd for recording. 
  • "Jump Out" A clip from an original song by The John Brown Band. This was my first live recording with my current remote rig. It was recorded in a big tent at a backyard party, where they were also shooting video for a promotional DVD. You can see some of the promo video at John Brown Band  These guys play a lot of large parties and corporate events. They know thousands of songs, and are one of the best cover bands I've ever heard.
  • On Our Side performed live by the Rolling Hills Covenant Church Worship Band. 
  • Another live performance recorded in front of an audience of around 2500 in a large tent for an Easter Service in the parking lot of Rolling Hills Covenant Church. The vocalist is Laura Savitz, and the song is "You Were There". This was the first time my rig was connected to a large PA system. Some of the PA company's mic's would not have been my first (or second) choice, and the long signal path through all of their snakes degraded the sound a bit, but the performance was inspired, and that's what live recording is all about.
  • "Hoochie Coochie Man" A rough mix that "worked."  Performed by The Whiskey Imperials. This fun blues gig was recorded live at Tracy's Bar and Grill in Long Beach, CA.
  • "Gloria" A live, multi-tracked classical recording that I did at Rolling Hills Covenant Church while I was also mixing live to stereo for video. The orchestra is conducted by David Halverson. Unlike most studio orchestra recordings, nearly everything was close mic'd to be run through the PA system. I submixed many of the inputs through their Soundcraft Spirit Live console to get it down to 24 tracks. Then I transferred the 24 tracks to Pro Tools to finish the mix.
  • For a look and listen to Canon (progressive rock, some of their songs are reminiscent of bands like Yes), recorded live at L.A.'s Union Station. The audio got fairly degraded either during the video editing or compression for the web, but it's worth checking out. The link above should take you to a You Tube video of “Running as Fast as I Can.” Only the video clips from the Union Station gig that were submitted by Canon the Band contain my audio (several other people submitted videos with just camera audio).
  • 14. Video of Rudy Leonardo at St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA (live recording by Bill Forbes, mix by Sunlight Digital).

Continued from Above

I record with a custom portable rig that permits the recording of 24 separate and simultaneous high resolution channels without the unnecessary expense and inherent problems of field use of a computer DAW system with 24 inputs. This mobile recording system is the result of my experiences over 20+ years of professional live sound, recording and performing. So it's not just some random recording gear that was thrown together. The system was designed and assembled with a lot of thought, research, and a bit of trial and error. It is also configurable for different types of projects.

The main consideration was absolute maximum sound quality per dollar spent. I think I have done pretty well in this regard, and that is why I can give you such a high level of quality for such a reasonable cost. Sometimes, if it suits the artist, I will bring an Avalon VT737sp tube microphone preamp/compressor/equalizer that violates my maximum bang for the buck rule (more buck than bang--especially after buying new tubes), but it's a bit heavy to install in the rack and lug around. I can also integrate other gear into the recording chain as required (sometimes an extra fee will apply).

I didn't leave out some often-overlooked important details. I use a 24 channel transformer-isolated mic splitter that I wired with top quality Mogami cable—so there will be NO adverse interaction with the sound reinforcement system (such as hum, noise, and varying input impedances which can alter levels and affect audio quality). Due to the relatively high cost, this is an item that is often omitted by less-professional mobile recording services. The entire analog signal chain is conveyed through ultra low capacitance, high noise rejecting, top-of-the-line Mogami snakes and Mogami studio quad mic cables only.

The location recordings are made on a rock-solid 24 track dedicated HD recorder, modified to use new solid state drives, fed from 24 Focusrite class A microphone preamps with limiting and compression capability on each channel, and digital outputs. The finished recording is then moved to Pro Tools for editing, mixing, & mastering. The result will be an energized CD and high-quality mp3 or other format files that will actually sound much better than you did at your concert, since a live mix through a PA is much harder to get right compared to a mix done in post-production. And the audio quality? Even gear snobs could easily be fooled into thinking that you hired a $6,000 per day big name remote truck, especially if Rolling Recorder does your mix.

The Grove, Anaheim, CA

Client List

Two-time Grammy winner Laurence Juber , former guitarist with Paul McCartney & Wings, recorded live acoustic performance at Alva's in San Pedro. I recorded all of the performance for this DVD/CD set entitled "Catch LJ Live." See the promo clip of this 2013 release at the top of his web page to hear some of this live recording. Video and surround mix by Sunlight Digital.

Grammy winners Doug Smith and Mark Hanson, live recording (also done at Alva's in San Pedro, CA) for their DVD/CD set released in 2013, entitled Guitar Confluence LIVE.

Final mixes of all 5 songs for the 2010 Tour EP for Jared Mees and The Grown Children. This is a group worth checking out. See the review of his second album below. 

Morry Louden, extraordinary jazz bassist and group , live recording at Alva's. This artist plays on an amazing 300 year old bass. Check it out.

Two great jazz fusion performance recorded at Alva's featuring Brett Garsed on guitar, Ric Fierabracci on bass, and Joel Taylor on drums. Check out these guys, their discographies and credits. They're simply among the best musicians you'll ever hear. Don't miss the recording samples in the next section.

John Brown and Harold Payne live at "Live at The Lounge" (Comedy and Magic Club) Hermosa Beach, CA.

Frank Stallone (yes, he does look a lot like his brother, Sylvester), , live recording of acoustic set in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Rudy Kalfayan live performance for EPK produced by Sunlight Digital.

VAST, former Elektra recording artists, now independent,  live recording at The Key Club, Hollywood. Did the recording and mix for the song "Flames" (the only song used from this performance) that is a bonus track on their latest  CD release, "Me and You".

Two great jazz fusion performance by “Dirty Martini” recorded at Alva's featuring Brett Garsed , widely considered to be Australia's premier guitarist, Ric Fierabracci , amazing bass virtuoso (has played with most jazz greats and Sir Tom Jones, and Joel Taylor , another fantastic player on drums. Check out these guys, their discographies and credits. They're simply among the best musicians you'll ever hear. Don't miss their Recording Samples.

The Kofi Baker. Band. Featuring the son of legendary drummer Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith). Recorded twice--The Baked Potato (Universal City) and at Alvas (San Pedro).

Complete mix and mastering of "Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money by Jared Mees on the Tender Loving Empire label. Here is just one of many favorable reviews from PerformerMag: West Coast Performer: Recorded Reviews: November 2008.

Jared Mees and the Grown Children - Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money.

Engineered by Jeremy Wilson Recorded by Jeremy Wilson at Mastan Music in Portland, OR Mixed and mastered by Bill Forbes at Rolling Recorder Produced by Jared Mees and Jeremy Wilson.

With its ingredients clearly labelled on the package, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money is an album made up of all good things. It was also clearly made by a genius. Jared Mees weaves powerfully nostalgic and emotional lyrics into a fabric that is warm, familiar and soft from spilt tears and booze. Stories are told with the cleverness and refined skill of an old-fashioned songwriter and filled with words that need to be heard – and shouted along to.

Released on Mees’ own Tender Loving Empire label, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money is more distinguished than its highly remarkable predecessor, If You Wanna Swim with the Sharks, flowing seamlessly between its many different flavors. Songs move through the rural back roads, into hung-over mornings, inside what must be dirty kitchens and up trails that always seem a little too steep. The one theme that resonates throughout is life and learning to understand to never expect to completely understand it.

Stylistically, the songs embody decades past – from track-side hobo campfires to back-porch musings – but fortunately, Mees and The Grown Children, as his musical foils are known, are based out of Portland. Their rowdy folk songs are additionally decorated with the swirling, churning string arrangements of Marriage Records’ Jordan Dykstra and Megan Spear, and emphasized with Spear’s crystalline vocals.

Mees’ lyrical brilliance lies in the way he brandishes clever rhymes together with everyday happenings, relating a genuine feeling of real life. In true storyteller fashion he sings, “I drank pots and pots and pots and pots of strong black coffee / trying to keep my sleepy soul awake / but the sleepiness still comes along and when it does it’s fast and strong / I end up with a bad case of the shakes” on “Strong Black Coffee.” In “The Tallest Building in Hell,” Mees restrains from his usual lyrical complexity and sings what could easily be the mantra of the album: “I hate to say it but these last few years have been hell / but patience pays off finally.” Without a doubt, the patience did pay off as Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money was made – and it’s incredible. (Tender Loving Empire)
-Evan “The Bug” Jerome 

Internationally famous Latin jazz legends (and the Guests of Honor) Flora Purim and Airto Moreira, with Eyedentity, live at 2 venues of the Telluride Jazz Festival (Telluride, Colorado). This concert was also captured in video that was to be used for a documentary DVD that unfortunately may never be completed due to lack of funding, and an obsolete video format.  

Canon, a talented progressive rock band with some accomplished young players. I recorded them live in one of the coolest venues yet--the old ticket room in Union Station, Los Angeles. My recording and  mixes for the video can be heard (although the audio was degraded a bit in the process) at the following link: Even though the stage was too tight & there were some PA problems, It's that live energy thing again. 

Finn Riggins -A great band from Idaho, on the Tender Loving Empire Label. I recorded their first full studio-style CD in 3 days with the remote rig on a sound stage in Torrance, CA during their tour. Their CD was released at the end of 2007, and got some great reviews.
Mastering projects for Tender Loving Empire, including "Pop Tomorrow," one of their many compilations of Portland Oregon's best bands, and also mastering of Super XX  Man's CD "There'll Be Diamonds.".  

Recording, mixing and mastering of Jared Mees' amazing self-produced and mostly self-performed debut album "If You Wanna Swim With the Sharks, You Gotta Concentrate" on Tender Loving Empire. This whole project was done in the Forbesound mix room, including tracking live drums!  I still love the sound of this album--touches like guitar amp simulation plug-in on the vocal and other unique "lo-fi" tweaks make this a true classic.

Rolling Hills Covenant Church (four large concert recordings).

The Whiskey Imperials (Tracy's Bar and Grill--Long Beach).

Fullonthropy--James Musser, Ric Fierabracci et al. A group whose players vary each year, but James always lines up some amazing seasoned pros to go with him into a live, improvisational journey into the unknown. (Four annual recordings).

Joe Herpin/Genuflect (Mix room tracking).

Strand 13 (Band members home--Manhattan Beach).

Live sound system set-up and mixing for the 75th anniversary show at The Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro (Mike Brink, directing).

Opus Däi (two sessions--at The Key Club and The Roxy--Hollywood), These live tracks were used for their live EP entitled Actum Procul.

Scott Turchin Band (Old Towne Pub--Pasadena).

Glen Lynsky (twice at Rodney's Grooveworks sound stage--Torrance. Glen is an amazing guitarist who I got to jam with for several months, and is also a fellow audio engineer. He is now living in Idaho.

Perk (Pop singer and later actor) at BB King's—Universal Studios Citywalk).

Midnight to Twelve (M212) at the Galaxy Theater--Santa Ana).

Wendy Lata/Girlie Freak Show (Pro Tools mixes from 2" 24 track analog masters).

John Brown Band (two sessions--backyard tent video shoot in La Canada, CA and the Long Beach Hilton in CA). If you like good covers of classic rock, check out Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale in the recording samples.

Steel Roots (all-original acoustic band from Colorado, recorded in a living room in Palos Verdes).